1. Tell us about your typical Monday morning?

The good thing about being self-employed is that each week can be different, when I’m not working on my current contract, having a coffee in one of the many Sevenoaks coffee shops whilst catching up with emails looking for a new contract and applying for suitable positions. Checking linked in. Studying for another qualification (currently working towards an Ethical Hacking certification)

2. Can you explain about Everynet and what you do?

  • I formed EveryNET Solutions last year to enable me to move into contract employment and establish a business in Telecoms & IT Security.
  • Broadly to help companies protect their information assets, the particular services EveryNET solutions can offer are:
  • Assistance with the Risk Management process.
  • Assistance with generating security policies, processes and procedures specific to the business.
  • Advise on security solution selection including hardware, software and services.
  • Project Management of upgrades and remediation work.
  • Management of 3rd parties including IT support, Auditors, penetration testers and suppliers.
  • Implementation and test of security control upgrades.

3. Tell us something interesting about you or your organisation.

This was the most difficult question to answer, professionally I suppose it is my determination to solve problems and research issues to find solutions. I hope to bring this quality to EveryNET Solutions. Personally I’m a keen “Crossfitter” (a member of Crossfit Tonbridge) and enjoy French wine and Belgium beer.

4. What’s hot news in your industry?

The new EU general data protection regulation that harmonises the data protection regulations throughout Europe and extends the scope of EU data protection law to all foreign countries. Also of interest is the replacement of the US safe harbour with the EU-US privacy shield.

5.Where are you finding new customers in the Sevenoaks area?

The short answer is I’m not currently. The purpose of sponsoring the Wednesday breakfast meeting is to determine if there is any interest with local SMBs (5 – 50 people) in implementing to some degree an Information security management system.

6. What advice or services can you offer Sevenoaks Chamber members?

As listed above. Although not directly relevant to sole traders and single employee companies (more suited to large organisations in Finance, healthcare, government and network infrastructure) the concepts and best practice can still be applied to some extent. Today a company may not need strong security controls but if it expands putting the framework in place early will help it manage Information assets more securely moving forward. So I can offer advice on general good practice or if you are considering certification (such as ISO27001 or Cyber Essentials) assistance with this process.

  1. If you were in charge of Sevenoaks for a day what would you change or improve

I love living in Sevenoaks so I don’t have too many gripes, the two things I would like to do are fix all the pot holes and provide free parking at the weekend in the Town centre to encourage in Town shopping rather than out of town and so you don’t need to panic when you realise your ticket has expired.

To find out more about everynet solutions visit http://everynetsolutions.co.uk/