tim mills

1.Tell us about your typical Monday morning?Running my own business has its benefits and I like t

Running my own business has its benefits and I like to start the week with an early morning bike ride to gather my thoughts before I start work…..

2.Can you explain about Mills Pension Services and what you do?



MPS provides a consulting and communication service to employers for their staff pension and employee benefit plans. We ensure a suitable scheme is established to meet each employers’ individual requirements, whilst making sure that the scheme is a valued component part of the employees’ benefits package by communicating (in straightforward language) what many people see as a complex subject.

3. What relevance has your business got with local employers?


All employers have to comply with the new Government legislation therefore whether they are large or small, local or from further afield, they need to ensure that they are on top of their obligations. This normally means they will need to seek professional advice and I have over 30 years experience in the pensions industry dealing solely with employers and their staff.

4.    What’s hot news in your industry?

Every employer has a deadline to meet its obligations. Employers need to allow ample time to achieve a satisfactory, considered solution rather than leave matters to the last minute where decisions can be rushed…..

5.  Where are you finding new customers in the Sevenoaks area?

Clients are introduced to me through Independent Financial Advisors, Accountants and other professional introducers. Others come from personal connections and contacts I make at networking events and through direct contact.

 6. What special offer can you provide to Sevenoaks Chamber members?

I would like to offer a 10% fee discount to all Chamber members.

7. If you were in charge of Sevenoaks for a day what would you change or improve?

Business rates need to be looked at!! It is sad to see this once unique Town with its range of individual and family owned businesses become like many other Towns around the country.

To find out more about Mills Pension Services contact the website http://www.millspension.co.uk/contact