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7 days with Mike Clyne fom FeMan Consulting

Mike Clyne is our April sponsor for our First Wednesday Meeting.  We talked to Mike about his typical week.

Tell us about your typical Monday morning.

As I work from home I do the school drop off and then often nip into Knole Park for a run.  This is without doubt one of the greatest benefits of working for yourself!  Once at my desk, I am catching up not only with emails that have come in over the weekend and checking social media, LinkedIn etc but also reading the papers.  Working on my own I feel this is vital to stop myself becoming too isolated.

2. Can you explain about FeMan Consulting and what you do? It is very simple – to […]

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7 Days with ‘G’ from the Raj Bari

7 questions with ‘G’ from the Raj Bari  
With the launch of the Chamber Curry Club now in its second month we talked to ‘G’ a familiar face at the Raj Bari about their winning ingredient!

1. Tell us about your typical Monday morning?

Typical Monday morning would be waking up and having breakfast with the kids and discussing their week ahead.  After seeing them off to school start preparing to leave for the Restaurant.  Around 10-10.30 I would phone the Manager and pick up any goods needed for the restaurant from our supplier’s branch.

2. Can you explain about the Raj Bari and what you offer?

Raj Bari is a family owned business and also run by family.  It has been in our […]

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EU Debate – 28th April 7.00pm – 10.00pm – Sevenoaks School


Announcing New Panellist Hugo Dixon

Join us for an evening of Debate on 28th April from 7.00pm-10.00pm with Daniel Hannan MEP for South East England and Cllr Peter Fleming OBE, Hugo Dixon, Author of The In/Out Question: Why Britain Should Stay in the EU and Fight to Make it Better, also journalist and entrepreneur.   Our chair for the evening is Paul Andrews, from radio Business Bunker and CEO of Jobs in Kent.  Our main speakers will be joined by other business panellists to discuss the impact of the up-coming referendum on local business.

Tickets must be booked in advance from

Further Information HERE

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7 Questions with Ten2Two


7 questions with Ten2Two

1.What has changed at Ten2Two over the last 12 months?

We have taken the next big steps to grow our business further. We’ve moved into our new offices at St Johns Hill, Sevenoaks and we’ve employed our first member of staff since we started out nearly 5 years ago. Lorraine Heath has joined the team (obviously working flexibly) to help with the operations, allowing us to continue to grow our business across Kent. In 2015 we saw a record number of our members being placed in flexible and agile roles with a variety of local companies reflecting the change in the way that employers are looking to grow their teams.

2.What are your plans for the next 12 months?

Continue […]

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7 Questions with David Dennis from Sevenoaks Plans


Tell us about your typical Monday morning?

Dropping my son off to School is the perfect start to the week!  Once I am in the office, I touch base with my staff to check the progress of each project they are working on. I answer any enquiries I have received over the weekend and contact potential clients to arrange a meeting. I will then call the local planning office and speak to the relevant planning officer to check on the progress of my planning applications and of course ask them the million dollar question ‘when do you anticipate a decision to be made on the planning application?’ If I have any news I will give my current […]

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7 Questions with Louise Knowles from A Plan Insurance

7 questions with Louise Knowles from A Plan Insurance 

1. Tell us about your typical Monday morning?  Monday morning starts the same as every weekday morning for me. I arrive in the office first and make sure everything looks neat, tidy and presentable. I have to ensure that the previous night’s electronic data transmission ‘passed’ with no errors then change the tapes over in our server ready to store the forthcoming days data. Due to confidential client information all our data is stored on a secure server and the tapes are removed from the building so that if the worst was to happen, the data would be readily available to use in another branch. I then check for any missed calls from the […]

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7 Questions with Jason Hart from Firefly Payroll

Tell us about your typical Monday morning?  Monday is most often used as an admin day for me, in the office, catching up with non-urgent correspondence and ensuring the rest of my week is planned correctly.  I will usually have an update meeting with our Director, Noreen Munro, at some point during the day, including discussing any matters that need attending to for our existing clients.  Monday is often the day I will use to send out an email newsletter to our subscribers and clients, raising any topics or issues relevant to the payroll industry.


Can you explain about Firefly Payroll Services and what you do?  Firefly is a provider of outsourced payroll processing services to both public and private sector clients.  We […]

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7 Questions with Liz Scully from EASi Recruitment

This Week we Talk to Liz Scully from EASi Recruitment about her recruitment business in Sevenoaks.

Tell us about your typical Monday morning?

A typical Monday will consist of making sure everyone who has worked the previous week get paid on time.  Although it is the responsibility of the temporary workers to get time sheets in on time we pride ourselves at EASi in taking the time to chase any missing time sheets and getting everyone paid on time.  You’ll often hear people moaning about money, not with EASi though.  Then we can get involved with filling any new bookings, setting up permanent interviews, making appointments for candidates to register.  There is always something different going on which keeps us on our […]

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7 Questions with Clive Palmer from Handelsbanken

Clive Palmer from Handelsbanken tell us about their firm and how they are gaining new business in Sevenoaks.

1. Please can you tell us about your typical Monday morning
A typical Monday morning would consist of researching any news articles that may have appeared over the weekend relating to the Bank, banking sector or the global markets. We tend to hold a weekly planning meeting first thing to discuss workloads, office cover and any new opportunities we may be looking at. The most important part of the meeting however is when we discuss what fika we want for the afternoon!

2. Can you Explain about Handelsbanken and what you do.
As mentioned by Nick in a previous article, Handelsbanken is a Swedish […]

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7 Questions with Carrie Churchouse, Athena Wealth Planning

This week Carrie Churchouse, Director of Athena Wealth Planning, tells us a bit more about her typical working week.

1. Please can you tell us about your typical Monday morning

I organise the office for the week ahead, to make sure that all client cases in current work flow progress as far as possible. I confirm the diary for the week and get everything together for each review meeting, plus the necessary preparation needed ahead of a new client meeting. I check through the weekend’s press, both retail and industry, so we remain up to date for each conversation we have.

2. What does Athena Wealth Planning do?

As Independent Financial Planners we work with our clients to help them achieve their financial objectives as efficiently […]

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