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To add an image, click on the ‘Add Media’ button above, then either select an image from the library or upload your own image from your computer.

You can add titles (headlines) and other features by clicking the ‘Insert Fusion Shortcode’ button, which is the icon between the ‘Font Family’ and ‘Revslider’ drop down menus immediately above this editor box. There are too many different features to describe here, so we’d suggest playing around with them. Have some fun!

When you’re ready to publish a page, click the blue ‘Publish’ button on the right hand side (near the top).

To add this page to a menu, go to the ‘Appearance’ option in the ‘Dashboard’, then select ‘Menus’.

NB A page is NOT the same as a post. Pages are permanent parts of the website which will remain in the same position until you move them. If you want to add an event (with a description page) go to the ‘Events’ option in the dashboard.

*If you want to add a ‘latest news’ post (the kind that appear on the homepage), please go to ‘Posts’ > ‘Add New’ section on the dashboard. You’ll see a page editor just like this one.

To make all new pages and / or posts consistent, always select ‘sidebar – chamber default’ and turn the page title bar to ‘hide’ in the options beneath this editor box.